Thursday, August 16, 2012

Classroom Pics (Scary!) and New Word Wall!

I went in to work in my room today, and MAN do I have lots of work to do before my kiddos come on the 27th!  This is what the reading corner looks like right now:
YIKES!!!  I inherited a bunch of books from a teacher who moved up to 5th grade so I'm attempting to add them to my already huge collection of books and display in an attractive way.  Big job.  Notice the empty bulletin board in the background.  That is going to say "Reading is a hoot"  to go with my owl theme.  I'll hang reading-related material there, like an anchor chart for "How to Find a Just Right Book," etc.  I'd rather think about a cute bulletin board rather than the enormous piles of books!

Here is my work-in-progress that I'm super excited about!  I made new owl-themed word wall headers and cards, but I wanted a cute looking "Word Wall" sign and was dying for a way to use this amazing tutorial I stumbled upon here. (Check it out, it is awesome).  So, this was born:
Those are COFFEE FILTERS!  Amazing.  And it was so easy!  Here is a closer look, this picture is hard to read.

I'll have to add more pictures after I get my Owl Letters hung up.  If you're interested in the owl word wall cards, they are available here.

What are you working on for your room that you are super excited about???

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