Thursday, October 4, 2012

October Currently

Ugh, I have so many things I need/want to blog about but so little time!  For today, I'm linking up with Farley from Oh' Boy 4th Grade for her October Currently.  Check her site out, it's wonderful!

Here is my October Currently!

Off to cook dinner for the loves of my life!  Does anyone else feel like they have not had time for ANYTHING lately!?!?!


  1. We love the same things!! Scarves are the best! After it warms up and I can't wear them anymore my outfits look so boring!

  2. I am loving the opportunity to pull out the scarves! I totally agree about no time for anything!! I really want to get caught up but can't seem to right now!! Glad I found your blog, looking forward to reading more!

    The Resource(ful) Room

  3. There is never any time! I love scarves too! I wore my first one of the season today!


  4. Wow, I was thinking the same thing...lesson plans. Good luck tomorrow!

    Mrs. Bartel’s School Family